Why Choose Wolter’s Custom Cabinets?

Better Construction Methods

Dovetailed Joints

Joint: Face Frame to Side Walls | Every 3/4″ end panel is interlocked with a custom dove-tailed joint then glued and clamped to ensure the strongest joint.

Dado Joint

Joint: Floor & Top to Side Walls | All floors and tops use a dado joint cut 3/8″ deep into the side walls to ensure they will never fall out.

Rabbet Joints

Joint: Side Walls to Back | Finished ends are rabbet notched into the 3/4″ sides to cover the end grain of the back.

Pocket Screws

Joint: Face Frames | All face frames are pocket screwed and glued with exterior, water resistant wood glue.

Corner Blocks

Corner blocks 3/4″ plywood are used for bracing all base cabinets. Corner blocks are also used for securing countertops to cabinets. A full stretcher is used on larger cabinets.

Drawer Construction

All drawers use four sided dove-tailed construction and a captive dado joint to securely hold the drawer bottom in all four sides.


All shelves are fully adjustable and secured with 1/4″ sold cast metal pins.

Applied Ends

Applied ends are available as an option as with many of our competitors. The difference is Wolter’s Custom Cabinets builds the applied ends the same way it builds the front of the cabinet, with a full solid wood face frame so it is not just a fake door nailed onto the side of the cabinet.

Better Materials

1. Face Frames

Face frame material is hand selected from the wood species of your choice. It could be 3/4″ Hard Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Knotty Alder, Cherry or Paint Grade. The choice is yours.

2. Cabinet Sides

Sides are 3/4″ thick real wood veneered domestic plywood hand selected to match the face frame. Solid wood frames with applied doors also available.

3. Cabinet Bottoms and Tops

The bottom and top cabinets are 1/2″ thick real wood birch veneered domestic plywood.

4. Cabinet Backs

The back of cabinets are 1/2″ thick real wood birch veneered domestic plywood.

5. Shelving Material

The adjustable shelves are 3/4″ thick real wood maple veneered domestic plywood with a UV finish on both sides

6. Drawer Material

We hand build 4-sided drawer boxes using 5/8″ thick maple. The drawer bottoms are 1/4″ thick real wood veneered domestic plywood.

7. Drawer Guides

Side mount ball bearing full extension drawer guides. Concealed full-extension on soft close under-mount guides.

8. Hinges

Premium 6 way adjustable concealed hinges. Concealed soft close hinges are also available.

Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware comes in a variety of designs that not only enhance the beauty of your cabinets, but also enhances the function. Hardware ensures the dirt and oils of your hands do not deteriorate the cabinet finish.